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Please share this with people who have studied, volunteered, researched, or worked abroad with ADD/ADHD:

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I love it when I'm right (x-posted)

You should have seen the look on the face of the interim psych doc I saw last week when I described my experiences with Strattera.  She actually told me I was not supposed to be feeling this way.  Why?  Because this is strong evidence that I don't have bipolar.  But since I was deriving benefit from it, she wrote me a script for more, even gave me samples since I was broke and couldn't afford the next round.

My actual psych appointment next month will be a watershed in my treatment: I'm hoping for a re-assessment of my Dx.  The last two months have been a godsend.  Back in March, I made this post.  The people responsible for my treatment initially poo-poo'ed the idea, so I took matters into my own hands.  I got a hold of a med that had worked for me before, and let them witness for themselves the difference.  Even then, it was an uphill battle: my group therapy leader actually had the chutzpah to deny that the meds were the reason for my new mentality.  Upon incontrovertible proof that the ADHD is the root cause of my issues, they changed their tune, and I am now at another level of therapy.

In reading my posts from December to mid-March, the difference today is nothing short of astounding.  I have a new lease on life and looking forward to a future that is not filled with frustration, anxiety, and disappointment.  Yes, this new mentality is chemically induced, but if that is what is needed to keep me functioning, then brother, I will gladly accept it.
I've had ADD my whole life, as far as I can tell. I figured it out my freshman year of high school when I thought I had depression. I spoke to my parents who were able to figure it out, due to my brother having been diagnosed with ADHD several years before. I thought for a while that I could manage it myself and that I could get it under control. I never did. 
I did more research and have decided I need to get more organized. My biggest problems are focus and organization and I'm tired of the toll they've taken on my every day life. I'm looking for someone else who also wants the same help I want, someone who maybe can rely on me and I can rely on them, and we can help each other stay on top of tasks and get through our organization problems. Would anyone here be interested in helping me?

May. 4th, 2010

Hi :)

I'm about to start studying in a local college, and I dread note-taking, and understanding what's going on at the same time that I'm trying to write everything down. (not to mention my fear of exams and homework... :S)

A few months ago (last year maybe?) this gadget was brought up in a TV show, when they showed alll the different things that students can use to help their studies:


Has anybody tried using it? Does it help? Is it good?

(In a previous class I attended, I tried using a tape recorder, but it was clumsy and really unhelpful.)

Thanks for your advice,
Mimbi ^^
www.adhdactionguide.com  I looked into it and it seems promising.
In my research, I have discovered a pattern that many people with ADHD (and even otherwise "normal" people) share:  difficulty maintaining schedules and finances.   While what I am about to share may be old news to some, even well-researched on a clinical scale, I came upon this myself through cognitive awareness exercises, and represents a breakthrough for me.

To whit, I'd like to share my own story.

A little long, but potentially worth it for the sake of discussionCollapse )

questions questions questions

Hello everyone! :)

I just joined, and I have a question about ADHD assessments/evaluations. I'm 19 and think I may have been struggling with undiagnosed ADHD since childhood. I'd like to see someone about it, but was wondering if I should bring this up with a psychologist or a physician (I don't have either at the moment, as I've just moved). I'd prefer seeing a physician, since my insurance only covers a limited amount of psych. visits (booo), but I do need to see a psychologist eventually anyways, so it's no big if that's better.

As a side note: Is it normal for me to doubt myself about all of this? When I first looked into the symptoms of ADHD, especially ADHD in girls, I felt relieved and thought "that's me!". But I'm also half-worried that I haven't figured out what the "problem" is yet, or that, as I've been told most of my life, I'm "just not applying myself". I had the first inkling that this could be "it" in middle school, but my mom continually told me I'd already been assessed (I went through a lot of psych tests as a child because I was selectively mute).

I thought that my SM and anxiety may have masked the more obvious symptoms (talkativeness, blurting out inappropriate comments, constantly moving, etc. - which is how I behaved at home, where I spoke). I've also considered that these symptoms may be accounted for by my anxiety, however I've been receiving various treatments for it since I was 3 and while I can't say that it's "under control" now, I just have this feeling that there's something else.

My grades and ability to do things I enjoy (reading, writing, drawing, even watching tv and movies) are suffering, which worries me more and more as I get older. I thought I may grow out of it, or just needed to "try harder", but I have been trying and each year seems to get more difficult.

Any advice is appreciated!

Worse in the Winter?

Hey everyone, first post here yay!

Lately, I've been having all the trouble in the world focusing, even on Vyvanse (which has been a godsend to me). I'm pretty prone to seasonal depression, and I'm pretty sure that's a lot of the problem. Like when it gets cold, I've got all of the lack of focus and none of that awesome ADHD energy.

Anyone else feel like their ADD is a billion times worse in the winter? How do you guys deal with it?

(When I'm older and have more money I'm totally going to migrate south every winter like a bird.)

Managing finances - overdrafts

I'm sure that I'm not the only ADDer who knows bank overdrafts all too well. Calling the automated bank line or checking the balance at an ATM doesn't report transactions that don't clear sometimes for days, and it's amazing how a handfull of small purchases made before older transactions have cleared can devour $100 or more with overdraft fees (that keep accumulating until the next paycheque comes in, leaving one with close to no money).
I think I finally came up with a system that works really well for me. Everyone knows how one just can't keep up on the tediousness of filling out the tiny chequebook registers with the company name, transaction date, amount, memo, running total for more then a few days. Instead, I got a moleskine reporters notebook and it sits on my desk (which is a small folding table, so it can't get THAT cluttered before becoming completely unusable, forcing me to clear it (which is a smaller task because it's a smaller desk), and I use it regularly). Whenever I buy something with my card, I make a point to get a receipt and stick it into my wallet. Then when I sit at my desk and see the notebook there, I am guilted into entering the receipts before I do anything else.
Now I don't do detailed entries. This doesn't take more then a minute and it the least tedious thing imaginable. I just have a column on the left where I have my last total, followed by minuses and the amounts on the receipts (or a plus when my pay comes in direct deposit) and little dashes and indicators on the right of what the purchase was (shell, walmart, atm/rent, etc) as casual as I like. Then I draw a line under everything, sum up the total, write that and then the day and month. Then I use that number for my vague running estimate for the next day or two until I make another entry.
It's a very ADD friendly method that I think can benefit anybody who has issues managing their finances.
Mods, I hope this is appropriate - if not, please feel free to delete. There's a charity auction for Haitian earthquake relief at help_haiti. I offered up a piece of original artwork that honors individuals living daily with mental illness, as well as those who have not survived its darkness. || READ MORE ||Collapse )


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